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The states economy, which is heavily dependent on natural resources, has struggled since a massive mining boom ended three years ago. Economic growth fell to 1% in 2015, a fifth of the rate of the preceding decade, and unemployment has doubled, to 6.5%. Falling property prices are hurting miners who bought McMansions with big mortgages when the gravy train was chugging. Mr Barnetts coalition government, meanwhile, splurged on salaries and showy infrastructure, including a big stadium and a much-derided waterfront development in Perth, Elizabeth Quay, or Bettys Jetty, as locals have it. The state faces a budget deficit this fiscal year of A$3.4bn ($2.6bn) and debt which is projected to top $41bn by 2020. Cashing in on the growing disillusionment, One Nation has polled as high as 13%, although recent counts put its share at 8-9% of the vote. It is unlikely to win any seats in the lower house. However, in the upper chamber, where members are elected by proportional representation, the party should win at least three seats, says William Bowe, an analyst in Perth. It will probably hold the balance doctor home loan australia Oak Laurel 0430129662 of power in the upper house, forcing the state government to haggle with it. The next test will come in Ms Hansons home, Queensland, another boom-and-bust state which may go to the polls this year.